what are backlinks and why do they matter?

What are backlinks question

Backlink remains the backbone and powerhouse of off-page SEO for authority, relevance, and recognition by a search engine. Backlinks from an external website to your website signify to the search engine that other websites recommend your content, product, or services, there are good backlinks and bad backlinks. Before getting to build backlinks you should understand backlinks

What is quality backlink

A backlink is simply a hyperlink from an external website to your website or webpage. A backlink occurs when a web page reference, cites, or comment on your product or service on it page by writing about your webpage so that when someone clicks it leads to your webpage all for the purpose to increase the traffic to your site Not all mentions about your webpage on external websites are backlinks A proper backlink should be written in a full HTML tag link format with a descriptive anchor text that will take a searcher to your site when clicked. example Monitor Your Backlink is not just a mere typing of your URL which will not take a searcher to your site like “https://www.monitorcampaign.com”. Most searchers will not like to type the URL in their browser but will prefer to click a link to that URL which is presented in an anchor text.

There is a significant difference between the types of backlinks and the sources of getting backlinks. The value backlinks add to your webpage can be considered as an attribute of backlinks.
The links attribute decides whether a website will pass value and authority from their page to the page they are linking to or not this value is dependent on the rel attribute there are basically two attributes of backlink

  • Do Follow
  • No Follow

1. Do Follow

Types of backlink

This is an attribute given to a backlink to allow search engines to pass or transfer some of the authority from one webpage to the linking page. Every link carries a do-follow attribute by default except it is otherwise changed by the webmaster example backlinks

2. No Follow

No Follow Link

This rel attribute tells the search engine that the crawler should not pass a link juice to the link. No matter the authority and relevance a website that links to your page as if it carries the Nofollow attribute it is as good as not linking at all because it simply tells search engines, do not to pass juice or even recognize this link. It is pertinent to note if a backlink passes juice to your link or not. An example of no follow backlink tag backlink is a simple HTML tag that tells the search engine to ignore the link.


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