How To Use Google Ads To Improve SEO

How to use google ads to improve SEO

With many competitors online, ranking high on search engines like Google can be very challenging. Even with top-notch SEO practices like submitting a guest post, blogging, etc. It can take several months to reach the first page. This is why website owners use other means, like Google ads, to improve their search engine rankings. 

Google Adwords help to promote businesses by showcasing their ads at the top or bottom of search engine result pages. Although it does not directly improve your site’s SEO performance, there are ways you can manage it to get the best results. Google ads can be expensive but offer immediate results if well-managed. This article discusses ways to use Google ads to improve organic search marketing.

Boosts Organic CTR

Your meta description and headline is often the most essential part of SEO. They must be well-optimized and attractive to rank your content on search engines. Google ads come in handy by helping you test and gather data that will improve your content. You can determine the quality of your content through the CTR. A high CTR indicates quality content and vice versa.

Boost Organic CTR

Use the data on your Google ads account to determine popular ad factors. The data can also help you optimize your content marketing strategy for SaaS. This approach helps to boost organic CTR, generates traffic to your site, and creates a positive cycle for your SERP ranking. If it doesn’t work out initially, place more ads consistently, and test as required.

Keyword Research

Google ads are beneficial when it comes to researching and testing keywords, and keywords are crucial to SEO. Using common Google ads Keywords research tools, you can target the right keywords and get value from your SEO campaign. You can use the principles below to filter your target keywords:

  • Manage your keywords based on your budget and timeline.
  • Your target audience should determine your keywords. You can measure your target audience through the monthly search volume.
  • Choose only the keywords that are related to your business.

You can use Google Adwords to determine the relevance of your keywords to your target audience. This is done by checking the CTR and conversion rate. A high CTR and conversion rate indicate a competitive keyword.

Remarketing Opportunity

Remarketing or retargeting is the process of making your products visible to one-time visitors who are yet to make sales from your site. Once they trigger a particular action on your site, you get to engage them effectively through targeted ads. Remarketing improves your SEO in the following two ways:

  • By gathering more audience data: You can learn more about your target audience through your remarketing list. Your Google ads audience insights give information about their interest and most bought items.
  • By recapturing non-converting organic visitors: Most people who visit your site for the first time will not buy from you. However, remarketing helps them recall your brand later and may eventually return. They may also share your content and generate backlinks as a result.

Generate Backlinks

Although backlinks are essential to search engine ranking, building links from authoritative and high-quality websites is difficult. People tend to link and share your site on social media when they click on your Google ads and visit your site. This generates traffic to your site and makes your brand reliable and trustworthy.

Destination URL

The Google Ads destination URL report is highly valuable as it shows the most converting URLs and landing pages. This information helps you model your SEO page after the best converting URLs by employing some of their elements and strategies.


The Google ads account’s placement data is highly valuable for SEO performance. It gives adequate information on the site generating the most quality traffic and converting most of the sales. With this information, you get to know the sites that have been working and those that have not.

Traffic Estimator

You can determine the impression, cost metric, and estimated click with a traffic estimator. It also keeps you informed about advertisers’ competition. (The higher the costs, the higher the advertisers’ competition). The Traffic estimator service of Google AdWords also helps to get traffic estimates for existing and proposed keywords, ad groups, and campaigns.


Adding segments to Google ads helps to include additional rows of data to a view within Google Adwords. “Search terms match type”  and “Devices”  are some of the segments you can add.

  • Search terms match types. You can use this segment to discover match terms perform for different keywords.
  • Devices. This segment can give you the breakdown of your Google ads conversions from mobile devices.

In conclusion, although Google ads don’t improve your SEO directly, they can indirectly impact your site’s ranking on search engines through the above-discussed methods. Investing in Google ads automatically boosts your SEO within a shorter period.


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