How to Find Undeserved Topics for EASY SEO Ranking in 2022

How to find undeserved topic

Generating organic traffic is one of the most important goals of any online content creator. Everyone wants the right audience to interact and engage with their site content and guest post with ease. That is why your topics should be efficient for easy SEO ranking.

Topics with fewer keyword difficulty scores and a high volume of searches would get more audience. Knowing how to find these topics that can rank high on SEO would make you worry less about organic traffic. Below are some necessary steps you can take in finding underserved topics for easy SEO ranking in 2022. 

Employ the Use of SEO Topic Research Tools

Employ the use of SEO research tool

The first thing to do when searching for underserved topics for easy SEO ranking is to use SEO research tools to search for keywords relevant to your product and services. These keywords are phrases that are often used by the audience that is likely to search for your website.

SEO topic research tools have proprietary metric efficiency that allows you to compile a list of topics that will be efficient. The three Major SEO topic research tools used in 2022 are Semrush, Atarget=”_blank” target=”_blank” hrefs, and Ubersuggest.

  • Semrush

This is a topic research tool that has a table-like interface. The nature of its interface enables you to sort topic ideas that can generate organic traffic. It has topic efficiency, keyword difficulty, and volume filters that you can use to adjust potential topics to phrases that can easily rank on google searches. 

With this topic research tool, you get ideas in a question format; getting efficient topics is a drill-down process, and the keyword volume and difficulty are estimated. 

  • Atarget=”_blank” target=”_blank” hrefs

This keyword explorer tool has similar features to that of Semrush. The nature of its interface is the same, and it also has keyword difficulty and volume filters that can be adjusted. The keyword difficulty filter estimates the chances of the phrases ranking top 10 on a 100-point scale. If you set it below 50, it limits the suggested topic ideas to phrases ranking around 70-90. The results you get on Atarget=”_blank” target=”_blank” hrefs are always based on the adjustments you make to its interface.

It has features like; Matching terms that contain the phrase that you enter into the tool, Related terms, which show lookalike phrases to what you input, and Search suggestions that bring suggestions that might be seen in google autocomplete. This feature enables it to generate ideas for topics.

  • Ubersuggest

This topic research tool majorly identifies keywords for organic search, and its keyword ideas are always efficient. Its ideas are filtered based on the monthly keyword difficulty and volume. Once you input your potential topic, the keywords appear in the keyword ideas section, and it also shows how many backlinks you need to get through before you get to the top 10.

Compile Topic-Related Keywords

Compile topic related keywords

Once you’ve gotten keywords that are search efficient using the SEO topic research tool, the next thing to do is to compile the various keyword ideas suggested. The following steps listed below would aid you in the compilation

  • Create a list of all the keyword ideas gotten
  • Verify the idea and its relevance to the product and services you offer
  • Create a separate list for the topics that are verified to be important to you and your audience.

Check Topics’ Relevance to Your Audience

As earlier mentioned, your target is always to reach out to a mass audience. For this to happen, topics gotten from the SEO topic research tool must be relevant to the audience you aim to reach. Check for how you can combine and effectively use these keywords to lure this target audience.

Some of these keyword ideas appear as frequently asked questions which should aid you in creating topics that can answer these questions. 

Compare Topics to Avoid Repetition 

 As much as you want to get topics that appeal to your audience, you don’t want to be repeating lookalike topics that you or someone else has done before on your website. One way to avoid this is to start with or combine less competitive topics. Since these are topic ideas that are already ranking yet less used, once similar topics are searched for, yours will be ranking.

In conclusion, the processes for getting undeserved topics that can rank easily for SEO ranking might seem strenuous, but you can always make it easy by creating a content calendar with various topics planned ahead. Keep your favorite topics in a file, and look out for recommended keywords that can be added to your content.


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