How to Find Relevant Backlinks Pages for your page

How to find relevant backlink

Are you looking for ways to boost the number of backlinks for your site? It is important to note that backlinks and guest posting play a vital role in search engine rankings for your site. Backlinks form a vital factor for search ranking in Google. This means, the more the backlinks, the better the chance for higher ranking. Follow through and learn how you can find relevant backlink pages for your links.

What are backlinks?

What are backlink

A backlink is a website linking to your website, either directly or through one of your internal linking mechanisms. Backlinks are a two-way relationship between you and the website. You first determine which website you want to get backlinks from when setting a backlink. This is done by looking for keywords, websites, or blog posts relevant to your niche.

Once you have chosen a few keywords and blog posts, you start your backlink strategy by sending links to your website or blog posts. This is done using the on-page and off-page backlink methods. The best way to find websites that link to your website or blog posts is by searching for them using search engines. Here are ways to help you find relevant backlinks for your links.

Find backlink opportunities with top referral sources

Finding relevant opportunity

Of course, one of the best ways to find backlinks is by targeting the top search engine referral sources that are showing up in your SERPs. Over 90% of all high-quality backlinks in the world come from these referrer sites. Some of the big-name referral sources that most websites are linked to include Yahoo, among others.

Use outbound links to form partnerships

One of the most efficient and reliable methods of generating backlinks is through outbound links. These links point to your website from other websites and increase the quality of your links in the eyes of search engines.

For instance, these are some strong outbound links that you can use to boost your link traffic on your site: Link exchanges – these links are long-lived and linked to your website from other websites.

Use Google Search Console Reports to get backlinks

When someone links to your website using social bookmarking, comment, or other services, you can use Google Search Console to track those backlinks. Go to Google Search Console and enter your website URL in the Search Console URL box. Then use the Discover tools to see any backlinks from services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, or any other popular website that uses Google’s Search Engine. See which backlinks are targeted and which are not. If you see links that aren’t targeted, you can respond to those from those websites.

Spy on your competitors

To begin with, you need to know which website your competitors are linking to on their sites. Once you know what the competitor sites are linking to, the next step is to check backlinks that link to those competitors on other sites and how those links look. The bigger your niche, the more interesting it can be to analyze backlinks. This type of analysis can spot top sites and niche experts that link to your competitors.

Find broken links to build backlinks

All too often, websites have links to popular pages that they’re not allowing to be used as backlinks. If you’re the owner of that website, then it is your responsibility to remove the links. If you do, then you’ll automatically start gaining backlinks to your website. If you think you’ll be able to reclaim the broken links without using a technique like Broken Link Revocation, you’re likely to be disappointed.

Create high-quality content 

Having good quality content indeed is one of the key factors to becoming a top website. If you don’t have the time to write content for your site, you can hire a professional writer to help with it.

Your content can be a blog post, a helpful article, a good video, a video tutorial, or an educational tool. Whatever type of content you create, make sure to include something to the point. It’s much easier to create a high-quality article than write an article with a long-winded point.

Publish Skyscraper content

Your content should be actionable. Skyscraper content is short, actionable, unique content that builds relationships and helps solve problems. It helps you stand out from the crowd, draws attention, and generates links to your website.


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