How to Choose a Link Donor: Basic Parameters and Recommendations

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Choosing a quality link donor for your site is an important practice in SEO. The best way to build your online brand is to optimize your business website search engine. Among different ways to rank your site on the first page of Google, guest posting is the fastest. As a new or a seasoned site owner, the backlinks from guest posting can help your site get recognized and appreciated by Google over time.

Although getting links can be exciting, there are certain factors that you need to consider to ensure that you are in Google’s good grace. This article will discuss what to do when choosing a link donor and the basic parameters you need to consider for this to work. We will be providing recommendations on how to do it right and reap the benefits of link building.

Check the Donor Domain Rating and the age


Domain Rating (DR) refers to how Google ranks domains to establish the amount of authority your site has. Higher domain scores in most cases correlate with higher search engine rankings, with great examples being sites like The New York Post and Wikipedia. Google uses certain factors like; the total number of links or linking root domain to determine the score your domain gets.

The age of a website can influence the ranking of the domain, and this is why younger sites with less than a year on Google rank poorly on the domain rating. Before you accept a link from a donor, make sure their site is older than 12 months and their domain rating is higher, which helps your site perform better.

Donor website relevance

Website relevance is how identical two or more sites are to one another either because they are in the same industry or their interests overlap. When looking for donor sites, make sure they are relevant to your industry or the type of content you write. It would be frustrating for you to reach out to bigger donor sites and receive links that would do little to nothing for your overall ranking goal.

The ratio of incoming links to outgoing

Ratio of Incoming Link

Study your donor site well to establish the number of both the incoming and outgoing links. If the site has more outgoing links compared to incoming ones, then the site is spammed and not a good donor for your site. However, sites with more incoming links than outgoing ones are considered the best when they link to your site.

Google is also strict with sites that get their backlinks through inorganic ways, and practices like buying or exchanging links with other sites can affect your site in the long run. Be careful of the way you get backlinks to avoid facing penalties from Google.

Geographical location of the target audience

Google tracks everyone that visits your website, and they also know the exact part of the world that the visitor comes from. When looking to get backlinks from a donor, ensure the target audience for your content originates from the same region as the link donor. No matter how well the content is structured or written, Google will suspect foul play if the backlink comes from an area far from the target audience, impacting your SEO. 

Consider their published content

Before choosing a link donor for your site, take your time and study the published content on their website to determine if they are fit. In the SEO world, content is king, which goes beyond just content. Google favors sites with relevant, unique, and well-structured content. They give them a boost in search results rankings and increase their domain authority. 

The donor content should be structured properly with headings, titles, subtitles, and the body well articulated in every article and blog post. More content usually means the writer has more expertise in their industry, and when this content includes images, videos, and graphics, then the site is the real deal.


While most sites earn from displaying advertisements on their pages, overdoing it will not benefit you long term. When looking for sites to get links from, consider the number of ads displayed on the site and how frequent they affect your browsing. If you link to a site with disturbing adverts that harass visitors every few minutes, the bounce rate of your website will increase significantly, affecting your ranking.

Site’s speed

How fast your site loads determines how well your site performs. A faster site load would mean that people spend less time waiting and more time going through your content. When looking for a link donor, find a site that loads faster to ensure more people are not bouncing out of the site.

Your success on Google search would depend on how effective these tips are taken into action. Whether your site is new or has been around for a while, getting your link-building process correct can greatly impact your Google rankings and your brand in general.


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