10 proven ways to build backlinks


High quality backlinks are important tools to grow your website, as they are very vital factors employed by search engines to determine your website’s visibility in search engine results. Backlinks are links on other websites or web pages directing viewers to your website. In this post, we will show you 10 easy ways to create backlinks and generate traffic to your website, quickly. 

1. Create Valuable Content

create valuable content

No ton of aggressive marketing or outreach will make up for the defects of an uninspiring or low-quality content. Sadly, there is no shortcut to this requirement. If you want respected websites in your niche linking to your website or an article you’ve written, then you must give them good reasons. You have to ensure that you’re doling out awesome content that is helpful and enjoyable, on a regular basis. 


 What exactly is the broken-link building method? It means that there are a lot of links on various websites which no longer work either because they refer to websites that no longer exist or to articles or webpages that have been moved or removed. By locating these broken-links, you bring to the attention of the web owner that he is linking to a webpage that no longer exists, and you offer them a link to a similar content you have written on your website instead. 

3. Write Guest Articles

write guess post

Guest blogging is another convenient way to increase backlinks to your website. Guest blogging exposes you to a wider audience and an expanded network. By offering to write guest articles to other websites for free, they in turn allow one or two backlinks to your website. 

4. Infographics


Infographics ranks among the highest viewed contents on search engine results. As humans, we are naturally drawn to visual learning, so you would want to leverage on infographics to create backlinks to websites. You might also consider hiring a web designer to make it professional, and as much as possible, your infographics should be simple and easy to read.

You must never underrate the power of social media in generating backlinks to your website. By simply adding your Website URL to your social media bio, you allow viewers and friends access to the link by clicking on it.

6.Emulate Your Competitors

emulate competitors

There is a reason some of your competitors are so visible when it comes to search engine results. By using link monitoring software like Ahrefs, you can keep an eye on your competitor’s backlinks building strategies, and apply better link-building campaigns.

7. Give And Accept Interviews


You can offer to interview respected website owners or bloggers in your niche or industry. Typically, they will leave links to your website as the interviewee or interviewer, and this also improves your brand’s reputation.

8.Promote your content

promote content

Promoting your content is a very direct strategy, without which, your articles may never see the limelight. Reach out to influencers and weekly round up bloggers in your niche and promote your website or an article they may be interested in linking to.

9. Claiming Unlinked mentions

Some blogs or websites may have already posted or cited news from your webpage without providing a link to your website. Such unlinked mentions could be identified with Content explorer, after which you reach out to the website owners to include a link to your website in their article.

10. Write Reviews

costomer review

Write endearing reviews of top products and respected companies in your industry, and most likely, they will link back to your review on their website. 


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