top 10 link building tools in 2022

top 10 link building tools

Link building is an essential part of SEO. Assuming we have a website that showcases our products and services, we would always want the public to know about our products and services. We would always want the public to know about our business brand and the products we offer. More importantly, we would want search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, to recognize our site as a trustworthy site and bring them up whenever a search query is made that is related to our product or services.

This is made possible through link building. This is one of the processes that drives traffic to our website; link building involves some processes and it is done by making use of ‘link building tools’.

WHAT DO I DO TO GET LINKS? When you create a website and you want people to be interested in your website, then they must find your site relevant and important to give them information about what they are looking for. This means that you have to simply create high quality original contents that people would want to share.

There are some important points to consider so that you can identify your audience and take the right steps in reaching out to them effectively. These include:

  • Ask yourself who your audience is?
  • What kind of content do they need?
  • What kind of information, product or service are they looking for?
  • What words do they use for their search queries?
  • What kind of questions do they ask?
  • What kind of websites do they visit?

Providing answers to these questions would make it easy to identify and create good content that fits your audience needs. We should also note that people will only link from their website to ours if it is in their audience interest. 

However, let us talk about the most popular link building tools and the unique features that makes them to be our best link building tools. They include:

1). Ahrefs

2.) Buzz stream

3.) Linkody

4.) Majestic SEO 

5.) Pitchbox 

6.) NinjaOutReach 

7.) Buzzsumo 

8.) JustReachOut

9.) Grouphigh

10.) Mozlink Explorer.



Ahrefs is a backlink authority checker. It offers features like rank monitoring and keyword tools. Ahrefs is popular and is known for its backlink checker. It has one of the largest databases of live links.

Popular tools in Ahrefs include Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker and Site Audit. Each of these has its own unique feature and purpose.

  • Site Explorer – Site Explorer helps analyze your site’s backlinks. It consists of organic traffic research tool and backlink checker tool.
  • Content Explorer – Content Explorer tool helps you analyze topics to see their popularity.
  • Keyword Explorer – Ahrefs keyword Explorer tool helps to find relevant keywords for your campaign. It has over 2 billion keywords in its database. It gives you a traffic estimate on how a particular keyword is searched.
  • Rank Tracker – Rank Tracker monitors your Google rankings on desktop and mobile devices with its daily, weekly or monthly report(s). It also shows the average amount of traffic you drive to your site.
  • Site Audit – Site Audit analyses your site to look for common SEO problems.

Ahrefs is one of the most popular link building tools and this is because of its unique features. These include:

  • It offers keyword research for up to 10 search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Keyword Explorer is the only keyword research tool in the market that goes beyond search volumes and shows the estimated number of clicks on search results.
  • It shows a detailed analysis of your backlink growth (or decline) over time.
  • Site Explorer helps you understand your competitor’s website structure.
  • It gives total search traffic estimations for the top 10 ranking pages.
  • SERP history can be analyzed with ahrefs.
  • Click distribution for individuals keywords is shown.
  • You can run a content gap analysis at page level to improve your content relevancy.



Buzzstream is that outreach platform that helps you stay organized with emails. It helps you track conversations and manage campaigns effectively across multiple projects. Buzzstream was developed by ApartmentRatings.com. Buzzstream also helps you to identify contact information, manage communication, manage link opportunities and link request sent; monitoring of your backlinks is also achieved. Key features of buzzstream includes:

  • All your outreach is done in one place.
  • There are activated follow-up messages called ‘sequences’ that follow up with link prospects automatically.
  • Its link monitoring feature scans websites in your database to see if they are linked to you.
  • Its discovery feature makes finding influencers and bloggers simple and easy.



Linkody is another popular link building tool that offers different interesting features which include:

  • Its backlink checker and monitoring service gives daily notification that you can setup to monitor your backlinks. Its features show all backlinks from a single domain as one referral.
  • Linkody allows competitor Research and Analysis: You can research your competitors and all the links linking to them. It helps to discover backlink opportunities and good idea of their ‘anchor text’ strategy.
  • It gives you a good analysis of your backlink profile.
  • You can create neat and powerful pdf reports about your link building campaigns to your clients.



Majestic allows you to analyze the backlinks to your site and competitor’s site. Key features offered by majestic SEO includes:

  • Custom reports can be created by clients.
  • It has a keyword checker and rank tracker.
  • Strong onsite analysis report is available.
  • Majestic SEO allows you to not only pull all SEO data but also historical information which allows the tracking of the ongoing SEO efforts of your competition.
  • Majestic SEO also considers backlink history tracking very important.



Pitchbox is another effective link building tool that allows you to send different emails at the same time with a single click. Other features include:

  • Automatic follow ups to multiple contacts.
  • Easy importing of website targets.
  • It allows a customized outreach schedule.
  • Your data can be viewed in various ways for analysis.
  • Bulk email sending.



Ninja Outreach is used for influencer marketing and outreach. It allows you to do everything with a single tool. It consists of 4 sections, they are: 1.) Prospecting 2.) List Management 3.) Your Prospects 4.) Manage Templates.

  • Prospecting – This is the Process of finding bloggers and influencers.
  • List Management – Organization into different separate links.
  • Manage Templates – It creates email templates to make the outreach easier and quicker.

Other features  include

i) Sending multiple contacts at once

ii) content prospecting

iii) Manual list input

iv) follow up emails

v) Customer support.



Grouphigh is an outreach tool that claims to have the world’s largest blog search engine. It makes it easy to find bloggers with its search engine. It also includes very useful information and metrics about each blogger to make it easy to know your priority. Its stats include audience size, demographics, blog categories, domain authority, social media followers, etc. It lets you manage and follow up your outreach directly through their platform.



JustReachOut is a tool just like Grouphigh with similar features, but it is mostly for public relations and journalist outreach instead of bloggers. It allows you to find journalist and rank them according to their interest in your outreach.



The pros of buzzsumo includes:

  • It comprises of real Data analysis.
  • The platform lets you know which keywords are relevant to your products that have been searched most frequently.
  • It is effective in finding the most effective content publishing times.
  • It enables you know which social media platform to use for sharing your content.
  • It has a robust search engine.
  • It assists in content creation and curators to produce content that is relevant to the requirements of marketers.
  • It provides information on what sources and channels your competitors are utilizing to engage their target audience.


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